2012 YEAR IN REVIEW: ARIZONA A’S (originally posted 9/11/12 on OaklandClubhouse.com)


Kimberly Contreras
Arizona Correspondent
Nunez hit his stride with the AZL A's.

The Oakland A’s rolled out their best Arizona Rookie League team in several years. The A’s AZL squad dominated in the desert all season long, falling just a game short of an AZL title. Kimberly Contreras was on hand for the majority of the AZL A’s games and she delivers a comprehensive review of their stellar 2012 season.


Try saying that three times fast … On second thought, never mind. Because it only happens once.

The 2012 Arizona Summer Rookie League (AZL) regular season kicked-off on Wednesday, June 20 and came to a close on Wednesday, August 29. Exactly 10 weeks, 2.5 months and 56 scheduled games (of which the AZL A’s played 54, thanks to rain-outs.) Very few games had a mere double-digit 7PM first-pitch temperature, especially since Phoenix had one of the hottest Augusts on record, but that didn’t bother the rookies in Phoenix; the bats and gloves were as hot as the weather.

Not that it was common knowledge, but this season was the 20th for the Arizona Summer League and the Oakland A’s have had an affiliate from the beginning. For only 10 of those 20 years have I been to many games, but this has, by far, been the best – and most fun – group of young men I’ve had the pleasure to watch. So many memories, so many stellar performances, so many runs scored – leading to many three-hour-plus games. Let’s look back on the 9nine weeks of the 2012 Fire League. I’ll also share my Most Memorable Batting & Pitching Performances, as well as my own MVP of the season


One thing to keep in mind: until June 20, 2012, the most amount of information on AZL games was shared when visitors or experts would share impressive performances, sporadic items of interest, etc. or from fans/family following the box score updates from MiLB.com. This is due to the fact that the AZL and Florida counterpart Gulf Coast Rookie League are non-revenue generating leagues. They bring in ZERO dollars; therefore, they have that same amount to spend. No radio, TV, Gameday, or even Internet broadcast. No broadcasters or PA (Public Address) announcers…and, in one case, not even a scoreboard!

All of this changed, when the Copper State A’s (@Cu_As) began live tweeting each game attended. The goal was always to highlight the performances and paint a picture for those interested. This is something to be proud of; especially with this team! Who knew in June that we would end up live tweeting/ sharing the AZL Playoff and Championship Games, too? A great season, in every way. And it all started in June.

Opening Day: June 20, 2012 at Tempe Diablo Stadium against the Angels; I had no idea what kind of chemistry this team would have or how much talent and heart would be on display during each and every game; no one did. I had heard of many of the young players on the roster, but had never seen them in person. After nine weeks of seeing this team in person – during the struggles and the successes, I can confidently state the obvious: the numbers, as good as they are, do NOT do this team justice. I was so fortunate to have spent the summer watching the Arizona League A’s, or as I quickly renamed them, the Swingin’ Baby A’s – for the batters – and Escalante’s Guys – for the pitchers, (aptly named by my brilliant editor and boss, Melissa Lockard.)

The AZL A’s starting line-up on June 20th: Shawn Duinkerk 9, B.J.Boyd 8, Vicmal De La Cruz 7, Bruce Maxwell DH, Reynaldo Mateo 2, Addison Russell 6, Michael Soto 3,Luis Baez 5, and Franklin Contreras 4.

Merkin Valdez pitched the first 2 innings, only allowing 1 hit. He was followed by Gregory Paulino, Kris Hall, Stuart Pudenz, and Fernando Cruzado. Hall got the win (after blowing the save.) A’s defeated the Angels 11-3, in 2:56, with a first pitch temp of 109 degrees…at 7:00PM. The nickname “Fire League” is well deserved.

The A’s 2012 draftees Boyd (4th round), Maxwell (2nd), Russell (1st pick), Hall (8th), and Pudenz (13th) started their professional careers on June 20th, with a win! As impressive as the offense was that night, it was a specific batting incident – well…two incidents, really – by Addison Russell that I will always remember about this game. Together they equate my Most Memorable Batting Performance of the season:


Because in the top of the second inning, the 18-year-old number one pick – 11th pick overall – comes to the plate for his first professional at-bat. As he swings at the first pitch, Russell’s bat goes FLYING out of his hands and over his team’s third base dugout, causing teammates and coaches to take cover… quickly! That sweet child! The mom in me wanted to hug him; can just imagine the nerves at a time like this! Russell returns to the batters’ box and grounds out to the pitcher. In the 4th inning, to start his SECOND professional at-bat, Russell gets ready, swings at the first pitch and the very same thing happens! The bat, again, flies out of his hands, over the third base dugout, and lands, again, in the empty seats!

You can’t make this stuff up!!

At this point, I was most interested to see Russell’s next at bat. How will those first two experiences affect him, I wondered? I watched his body language as he walked to the plate in the top of the 6th. Before the first pitch was thrown, I knew this time would be different. It was. Russell singled AND continued to make several of his many amazing defensive plays. This 18-year-old’s first professional at-bats showed me what his family, friends, and everyone in Pace, Florida already knew: he works hard, leaves his ego on the bench, and is emotionally mature. What a pleasure it is to watch him give 110% each time he steps on the baseball field with his glove or a bat.

After winning the first game as visitors, it was time to kick off the season at home ~ Papago Sports Complex, Field 2 (Connie Mack Field) against the Cubs. These two teams would meet many times throughout the season. There was no love lost between the teams. Especially 10 weeks later, when they met for a one-game playoff. Different leadership styles and philosophies are good, but those of the AZL A’s are best.

Beating the Cubs 5-1 in two hours and 47 minutes allowed another set of newly drafted A’s to enjoy a win in their professional debuts, including: Kayvon Bahramzadeh, (24th round pick and the game’s winning pitcher), LF Boog Powell(20th), RHP Tyler Hollstegge (21st) and LHP Taylor Massey (29th).

Friday, June 22nd saw the A’s hosting the Brewers, and more debuts of 2012 draft picks, including RHP Cody Kurz (7th round), RHP Derek Hansen (25th ), RHP Ryan Dull (32nd round and winning pitcher), and SS Christopher Wolfe (30th ). The 18-2 win by the A’s lasted 3:06. This time of game would become the norm, because scoring a lot of runs takes time. Game 3 was played on Sunday, June 24th in Goodyear, AZ against the Indians. More 2012 draft picks making their debuts, including 3B Daniel Robertson (Comp A), 1B Matt Olson (Comp B), RHP Seth Streich(6th ), RHP Lee Sosa (26th ) and RHP Vincent Voiro (winning pitcher and 15th round pick). The visiting Athletics beat the Indians 12-9, in 3:20, and Matt Olson announced his arrival in professional baseball with a megaphone, a microphone, and 10 feet tall speakers! The 18-year-old Olson went a 3B shy of batting for the cycle: hits a home run on his first at bat in the 2nd, singles in the 3rd, then hits TWO doubles (in the 6th and 9th innings), driving in four!

That night I named him: “SuperMatt.”

The following night, against the Royals in Surprise, SuperMatt was in the line-up as DH. He promptly hit a home run in his first at-bat of the game; 2 games + 2 home runs = No problem. RHP Dakota Bacus (9th round pick and the game’s winning pitcher) also appreciated the effort. The 9-5 win by AZL A’s took 3:16 and improved their record to 5-0!

After two more wins at home, and a record of 7-0, the A’s traveled to Maryvale to play the Brewers. In addition to the professional debuts of 2B Melvin Mercedes (16th round) and OF Ryan Mathews (27th ), two international players made their season debuts: power-hitting 3B Renato Nunez of Venezuela and catcher Seongmin Kim of South Korea (who was making his A’s organization debut as a DH). Kim’s debut would be marked with an asterisk, however. In the top of the 5th, Kim walked up to the batter’s box and was ejected by the home plate umpire for using an illegal bat – thus giving way to Mathews making his first professional appearance.

The highlight of this 3 hour, 22 minute game, aside from the 12-6 win over the Brewers, was the fact that so many A’s top prospects hit home runs: Aruba’s Shawn Duinkerk, with 1 man on, homered in the 4th, Daniel Robertson hit his first home run in the 5th, Russell, who was a double shy of hitting for the cycle, hit his first home run in the 8th, and Olson with a three-run home run in the 9th!

Saturday, June 30th brought a couple of “firsts” for the 8-0 A’s. First: Michael Ynoamade his return to the mound for the first time in two years, after having Tommy John surgery. He faced the first four batters of the Rangers line-up, walked one, and struck out Lewis Brinson, the first batter he faced. Nice first outing for Ynoa! The other “first” of the night was bound to happen…the A’s lost, 4-1, in a game that lasted only 2:15. Rangers RHP Carl (CJ) Edwards was dominating from pitch-one and Joey Gallo‘s two home runs helped, too.

Record: 8-1

July started the same way June ended: with a loss. However, this 9-7 loss to the Cubs lasted more than three hours at Hohokam Stadium in Mesa. One thing I noticed was that the Cubs first-base dugout had misters to cool off the home team. The third base visitors’ dugout did not. When it’s 107 degrees at 7PM first pitch, a cooling system is a nice home-field advantage.

Record: 8-2

One of the joys of the Arizona League is being able to see the professional debut of so many first round draft picks; especially in the first month of the season. If they are pitchers, you certainly don’t want to miss the first inning because you’ll have missed the debut! July 2nd followed that rule for the Padres, when they debuted their 2012 first pick, RHP Max Fried at Papago against the A’s. In his debut inning, the 18-year-old from Southern California gave up a hit to Russell, the first batter he faced, walked the next two (Boyd and De La Cruz), and struck out Olson. The bottom of the 7th inning produced a V. De La Cruz vs. V. De La Cruz match-up. The A’s Vicmal De La Cruz doubled off of Padres RHP Vladimir De La Cruz, who gave up three runs in the 7th and was tagged with the loss of the 5-2 game.

Record: 9-2

“Hot as the 4th of July in Arizona” is a common comparison to earth’s frying pan…and for a good reason. But in 2012, Independence Day started with rain and maybe, 80 degree weather, and continued that way for the rest of the day. Most of the league’s games, which are traditionally played at 10:30AM on this day for a myriad of reasons, only lasted four innings, including the A’s who traveled to Surprise to face the Royals. The big news of this game was the debut of catcher-turned-pitcher,Daniel Petitti, who struck out the first batter he faced: Royals’ CF Ariel Estades. Petitti allowed one hit by 3B Diego Goris in his 2/3 IP. Rain suspended the game and was resumed on July 28 at Papago. The A’s won, 6-4.

Record: 10-2

The next two games, the A’s beat the Giants (10-0) and the Reds (12-9) at Papago. They then lost the next two away games to the Diamondbacks and Mariners. The unique situation at the Mariners (Peoria Sports Complex) had both home teams (Mariners and Padres) with home games. Padres played in the stadium that evening, while the Mariners held the game vs. the A’s on their minor league fields. As it happens, the Mariners are the only team in the Arizona (Cactus) league without a scoreboard on ANY of their six fields. Those conditions, I believe, are another “home field advantage.” You MUST pay close attention; there is no scoreboard to look at for a reminder of where the game is at, especially with pitching. The Mariners are use to it; visiting teams, are not, and are caught off-guard.

Record: 12-4

The game on Thursday, July 11th at the Rangers’ side of the Surprise Complex got started a little late due to the van carrying the evening’s starting pitcher and several teammates getting stuck in traffic ~ from rush-hour and from the train crossing (which – grumble, grumble – ALWAYS backs up the main road to the complex.) Once Ynoa arrived, got warmed up, and took the mound, the rematch from June 30th was underway. Ynoa’s line for his 3rd outing, which lasted 1.1 innings: 4 Hits; 3 Runs (3 Earned); 2 Walks; 1 Home Run [Gallo’s 8th of his record breaking 18 of the season] and 1 strike-out.

The end of 6th had the Rangers leading 5-2. The A’s scored 2 runs in each of the 7th and 8th innings – small ball style. In the bottom of the 8th, with a 6-5 A’s lead, LHP Taylor Massey enters the game for what would become my Most Memorable Pitching Performance of the season, and here’s why:

The first batter Massey faces is Gallo. The last time they matched up, Gallo hit his 2nd home run of the night off Massey. This time, it was a double to left field. Massey walks Nomar Mazara, and then a well hit bunt by Luis Marte became a single instead of a sacrifice. Bases loaded, no outs, down by 1. The Rangers were set to score on the first opportunity. A’s catcher Reynaldo Mateo was a defensive rock star as he caught a foul pop-up for the first out of the inning, then as he worked in unison with his pitcher to determine the pitching sequences for the next two batters…which led to them becoming two consecutive strike outs to end the inning! First three batters reached base, and were then stranded by the next three batters! That inning alone would have been enough for me… but… to the 9th! Score remained 6-5.

Massey comes out for the 9th to face the top of the Rangers’ line-up: Brinson, Nick Williams, and Ronald Guzman – with Gallo waiting if anyone gets on base. The tension and excitement permeated the field, dugouts, and stands. Brinson didn’t waste any time; he grounds out to 3B – Daniel Robertson’s throw was perfect. One out. Massey struggles with Nick Williams’ at-bat, but eventually wins with a strike out. One more. Everyone is holding their breath and (A’s fans/ teammates/ supporters) are LOVING the way Massey and Mateo are dominating this dynamic line-up. Massey then strikes out Guzman to end the game!! A’s win 6-5, and this pitching/catching performance was the best I saw all year!

Record: 13-4

Two more wins at home against the Angels and Diamondbacks, followed by two losses at the Angels and Cubs, and two more wins against the Giants (one at home, one away) and we arrive at July 20th, and the A’s playing the Dodgers at Camelback Ranch, in Glendale. Until this game, the Dodgers’ pitching staff had allowed the fewest home runs in the league: six. On this night alone, the Dodgers staff gave up five home runs to the A’s, including two to Addison Russell! A’s won the 3:15 minute game by a score of 20-7.

Record: 18-6

The next four games resulted in three losses, and 1 win. July 25th was the date that the first roster change occurred: Mateo was called up to Vermont Lake Monsters, and Vermont’s catcher Rhett Stafford was added to the AZL A’s roster. Mateo had been performing as well with his bat as he had behind the plate and calling games.

Record: 19-9

July 28th saw two more team wins, as well as Ynoa join his catcher (and friend) Mateo in Vermont, while Dayton Alexander joined the AZL A’s.

Record: 21-9

Monsoon season {rain, storms, flash flooding, and winds} stole the show the second half of July and early August. Similar to how A’s catcher Philip Pohl ended one month and started the other: with a home run in each game! The team lost two and won two games, up through August 2nd. This also was the day that Russell was called up to Vermont. Lost in the excitement of the promotion of the A’s first pick was the addition of “RHP” Jensi Peralta.

Record: 23-11

A five-game winning streak from August 3-9 (seven games from August 1) saw the resurgence of the “Swingin’ Baby A’s”. The average age of this roster was the youngest in the AZL at the time. So much talent, ability and production … and all so young. Such a great situation to be in for the Oakland A’s organization!

August 8th saw the A’s 2nd pick (Comp A) 3B Daniel Robertson promoted to Vermont, and 3B Chad Lewis was added to the Arizona roster.

Record: 28-11

RHP Derek DeYoung was placed on the 60-day DL, due to rotator cuff issues on August 18th. RHP Cecil Tanner was sent to Vermont, and RHP Colin O’Connell was activated from the 60-day DL and made his AZL (and professional) debut on August 20th. In his one inning pitched at home, against the Angels, O’Connell faced four batters, gave up two hits, struck out one, and threw two wild pitches.

Record: 35-13

In the last week of the season, August 21-29, the A’s added two wins and four losses (and a rainout against the Dodgers) to their record. O’Connell made his second start against the Angels at Papago on the 25th. He faced eight batters in the two innings, and allowed two hits, and had two strike outs. Kayvon Bahramzadeh struck out rehabbing Diamondbacks MLBer Willie Bloomquist to start the game on the 27th.

Then, on the last game of the regular season, during a regulation 9-inning game at the Giants minor league facility (Hayden and Camelback Rd), “RHP” Jensi Peralta debuted for one inning. The former shortstop allowed one hit, one run (earned), and recorded one strike-out. His fast ball sat at an EASY 94-95 MPH. Time of last regular season game? 3:40. The officials clearly were neither double-parked nor on their way to an early dinner.

The August 2nd announcement of roster move listing Peralta as a RHP instead of his usual shortstop was timed in an interesting way; at the same time as Addison Russell’s promotion to Vermont.

Record: 37-17


The one-game playoff on August 30th at home against the Cubs was sure to be intense, if nothing else. The energy from the dugout, the field, and from the stands was at an all-time high! These young men worked very hard to get to this point. Only one thing could have made it better: having the original group from the first few weeks back in the line-up to enjoy this experience. The bats (and gloves) of Addison Russell, Daniel Robertson, and Reynaldo Mateo were part of the reason why the A’s finished the season with the best record in the AZL, but by this point they were all at higher levels of the organization.

The first-place A’s hosted the wild-card Cubs. As he did every time he took the mound, Vincent Voiro was great in his 3 IP to start the game; allowing two hits, zero runs, walking one and striking out six batters.

Matt Olson was hit by a pitch by two different pitchers. Tempers from the visitors’ dugout began to flare, especially after the home team scored seven runs in the bottom of the 6th, blowing their lead wide open – 11-3. Warnings were issued by home plate umpire, Derek Gonzales, when Olson was hit for the second time, but then Pohl was hit by a pitch in the 8th, by yet another pitcher, and nothing was done. That’s when tempers in the A’s dugout started to boil, but that was also another time when AZL A’s manager Marcus Jensen showed why he was/is the Manager of the Year. He defended his team, but he kept things in perspective so that the players would, as well … and they did. The A’s beat the Cubs, 15-3, with Taylor Massey earning the win. His battery mate, Philip Pohl (2B and a home run) and Renato Nunez (3B and a home run) helped the offensive explosion.

The Rangers beat the Dodgers that same night; so the championship game would be played at Papago on Friday, August 31st between the A’s and Rangers.

The Arizona League Championship Game was scoreless until the 6th inning when the Rangers scored three runs against starter Gregory Paulino, who had done so well up until that point. Lee Sosa relieved him for 1.1 IP until the team’s closer, Dakota Bacus, took over in the 7th inning with two outs. The Rangers pitching staff wasn’t giving up anything to the Swingin’ Baby A’s despite all efforts by everyone stepping up to the plate (literally and figuratively).

Regardless of the outcome, my favorite part of this game was during the top of the 8th and 9th innings in the performance of the pair of pitchers-turned-cheerleaders Gregory Paulino and Lee Sosa. They never sat down … never looked away from the field; they were the team’s loudest, most positive, cheerleaders!

Down 3-0 in the bottom of the 9th and the A’s were staging a comeback. After a home run by Nunez, Rhett Stafford came on as a pinch hitter for Michael Soto and was hit by a pitch – if you’re keeping track, as I was, that was four hits-by-pitches in two games. B.J. Boyd‘s plate appearance gave the feeling that we needed to get some PIE ready {walk-off tradition a la the MLB Oakland team.} But, in one blurry, QUESTIONABLE call, Boyd – with great natural speed – was called out at first and the game (and season) was over.

Of course everyone was disappointed/ upset; some took it harder than others. But no one wearing green and gold had ANY reason to hang their head. What a great season it was for the batters (Swingin’ Baby A’s) and for the pitchers (Escalante’s Guys), as well! Nothing was of any consolation to anyone involved, though. They wanted this last win! But while the others were gathering their things, Marcus Jensen, again, did what leaders do. Amidst all the activity and excitement, he walked over to the Rangers’ field staff and congratulated them on their win.


I know the Rookie League level isn’t where anyone really “wants” to be, but there is no one I would rather have as leaders of my organization’s future than Marcus Jensen and Jimmy Escalante.

This brings me to my MVP(s) of the Season: The amateur (and international) scoutswho followed, drafted, and signed these young men. Scouting is a tough, tough job, but when players like the ones I had the pleasure to watch almost every night this summer are the fruit of the labor, credit must be given where it is due.


The Fall Instructional League (Instructs) starts soon. I look forward to seeing many of these same young men working on skills and drills and playing unofficial games.

I’ll be updating on Instructs and the Arizona Fall League, too.


Now, for those interested in the numbers from this season, you’ll see that from Opening Day, the Swingin’ Baby A’s, AS A TEAM, dominated the offensive categories. Good numbers, fun team, GREAT future!

Team Batting Stats

The A’s as a team were Batting Leaders in the following categories (with playing in 54 games – two fewer than the other teams): 393 Runs, 569 Hits, 138 Doubles, 47 Home Runs, 335 RBIs, 916 Total Bases, OBP .367; SLG .474; AVG .294; OPS 841. They were second in 3Bs (44 – 10 behind the Mariners).

393 – 272 ? 7.28 – 5.03RPG ? 121 ? +2.24 RD

Home 27: 18 – 9 (Rain out v Reds) R: 179 – 128 ? 6.62 – 4.74 RPG ?51 +1.89RD

Away 27: 19 – 8 (Rain out at Dodgers) R: 195 – 144 ? 7.2 – 5.3RPG ?51 +1.89RD

Monthly Breakdown:

June: 9 games
Runs Scored: 80- Runs Allowed: 36

8-1, didn’t lose 1st game until June 30 at home v Rangers and C.J. Edwards

Home: 4-1 ? Runs: 36-9 ? Avg: 7.2–1.8 Runs Per Game ? +5.4 RunDiff / A: 4-0 — R: 44-27 ?11-6.75 RPG ? +4.25 RD

July: 23 games
Runs Scored: 171- Runs Allowed: 136

13-10 (H: 7-4, A: 6-6)

Home: 11 games 7-4, R: 85-66 ? Avg: 7.72 – 6 RPG ? +1.72RD / Away: 6-6, R: 86-70 ? 7.16 –5.83 RPG ? +1.33 RD

August: 22 games
Runs Scored: 142- Runs Allowed: 100

16-6 (H: 7-4, A: 9-2)

Home: Runs 77-53 ? 11 – 4.8 RPG -> +2.18 RD / 9-2: 65-47 ? 5.9 – 4.27RPG ? 18 ? +1.63RD


League Leader: Brinson, TEX – 54
Highest ranked A’s: Boyd – 31, Nunez – 27, Olson – 29

League Leader: Guzman, TEX & Lopes, SEA – 68
Highest ranked A’s: Nunez – 52, Olson – 50, Russell – 44

League Leader: Gallo, TEX (Record) –18
Highest ranked A’s: Olson – 8 (2nd overall), Russell – 6, Mateo – 5

League Leader: Brinson, TEX – 22
Highest ranked A’s: Nunez – 18, Olson -16, Baez- 11

League Leader: Lopes, SEA – 12
Highest ranked A’s: Russell –5, Boyd – 4, Nunez – 3

League Leader: Gallo, TEX – 43
Highest ranked A’s: Nunez – 42, Olson – 41, Russell 29

League Leader: Brinson, TEX – 124
Highest ranked A’s: Olson – 92, Nunez – 88, Russell 76

League Leader: Trahan, AZ – 40
Highest ranked A’s: Boyd – 23, Nunez – 17, Olson –16

League Leader: Brinson, TEX –74
Highest ranked A’s: Olson – 46, De La Cruz – 43, Boyd –36

League Leaders: Ortiz, SF (182 AB) – 30/7, CIN Reynosa (190 AB) – 30 /9
Highest ranked A’s: Boyd – 16/4, Russell –9/1, Powell –5/2

League Leader: Coulter, MIL (49 G/ 169AB) – .439

Highest ranked A’s: Russell – .488, Mercedes – .480, Mateo –.440 (Nunez – .403, highest amongst players who qualified for the batting title)SLG
League Leader: Gallo – .763
Highest ranked A’s: Mateo – .760, Russell – .716, Robertson – .554 (Nunez – .550/ Olson – .520, highest amongst players who qualified for the batting title)

League Leader: Hoeneckie, LAD – .382
Highest ranked A’s: Russell – .415, Mateo – .400, Mercedes – .381 (Nunez – .325, highest amongst players who qualified for the batting title)

League Leader: Gallo, TEX – 1169
Highest ranked A’s: Russell – 1330, Mateo – 1205, Robertson – 1179 (Nunez – 953, highest amongst players who qualified for the batting title)


Fewest Games: 54 (27 each, Home and Away) & Losses: 17 (Home: 9/ Away: 8)

Tied for Most Wins: 37 (Home: 18/ Away: 19)

Tied for Fewest IP w/Royals: 475.2 IP

Second Fewest Hits Allowed: 451 (Cubs 449)

Second Fewest Earned Runs Allowed: 265 R/ 224 ER (Cubs 248 R/ 179 ER)

Tied For Third Fewest HBP: 25 (w/Cubs), Rangers: 21, Dodgers: 19

Third In WHIP: 1.39 (Rangers & Cubs 1.31)

Fourth In ERA: 4.24 (Cubs 3.28)

Fifth-Fewest BB: 211 (Dodgers: 167, Rangers: 173, Angels: 187, Cubs: 192)

Fifth-Most Ks: 479 (Giants: 515, Indians: 508, Rangers: 505, Dbacks: 490)


Tyler Hollstegge & Tyler Johnson – 5
Gregory Paulino – 4

Dakota Bacus – 7
Taylor Massey – 3

Dakota Bacus: 1.20
Taylor Massey: 3.00
Jose Azor: 3.32

Jose Torres – 60
Gregory Paulino – 50.2
Vincent Voiro – 37.1
Kayvon Bahramzadeh –37.0

Dakota Bacus – 12 (30 IP)
Daniel Petitti – 12 (15.2 IP)
Lee Sosa – 15 (24.2 IP)

Dakota Bacus – 4 R/ 4 ER (30 IP)
Taylor Massey – 9 R/ 7 ER (21 IP)
Daniel Petitti – 10 R/ 7 ER (15.2 IP

Dakota Bacus – 0 (30 IP)
Lee Sosa – 0 (24.2 IP
Jose Azor – 0 (21.2 IP)
Daniel Petitti – 0 (15.2 IP)

Strike outs
Gregory Paulino – 56 (60 IP)
Kayvon Bahramzadeh – 48 (37 IP)
Jose Torres – 41 (52 IP)
Vincent Voiro – 41 (37 IP)
Dakota Bacus – 35 (30 IP)
Tyler Hollstegge –35 (33.1 IP)
Daniel Petitti –29 (15.2 IP)
Lee Sosa –29 (24.2 IP)
Taylor Massey – 27 (21 IP)

Dakota Bacus – 0.57
Vincent Voiro –1.15
Daniel Petitti – 1.21
Taylor Massey – 1.29

Games Finished
Dakota Bacus – 13
Taylor Massey – 10


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